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Kaisai KWX-12 HRDI luft/luft varmepumpe


  • Energiklasse A+
  • SCOP 4
  • Varmeeffekt 3,8kW
  • 3 års garanti
  • Med indbygget WIFI


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Pris 4.999,- Kr.

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Kaisai brandet

Kaisai KWX-12 HRDI units are high quality, environmental-friendly products, designed with the operation comfort in mind. Moreover, we offer them at reasonable prices.

The Kaisai brand debuted on the Polish market in 2011 and since then, year after year, it has been recording growing sales figures in Poland as well as on foreign markets. The latest technological solutions make Kaisai devices leaders in their class and meet high expectations in terms of ecology, safety, energy efficiency, quiet operation, comfort of use and manufacturer's warranty.

Through many years of investment in technology, the Kaisai units have been recognized as some of the most innovative air-conditioning solutions, successfully implemented in public facilities and residential buildings.

Kaisai KWX-12 HRDI

The Kaisai Fly energy-saving wall-mounted air conditioner with R32 refrigerant combines elegance with functionality. Its universal, timeless design makes it suitable for any interior.

The device enables effective operation in the heating mode at outdoor temperature even down to -25°C. WiFi function as standard increases the convenience of air conditioning control, and a modern wireless remote control allows you to use 3 additional functions: evaporator self-cleaning (Self Clean), continuous heating 8°C (Heating 8°C) and temperature sensor in the remote control (Follow Me).




Wide Temperature Range

Operation in wide range of outdoor temperatures. -15 to 50°C in cooling mode and -25 to 30°C in heating mode.


WIFI Module as Standard

The WiFi module enables remote control of the air conditioner with a smartphone or tablet – from anywhere in the world.


8 Degrees Heating Function

When the user is absent, the air conditioner maintains a constant room temperature of up to 8°C in heating mode, preventing the room from cooling down.


Automatic Restart

During a power outage, the air conditioner remembers the last settings and restores them once the power is resumed. It does not require reprogramming of the unit after each power outage.


Emergency Use

If one of the sensors fails, operation of the unit is not interrupted and can be continued until the failure has been corrected.


Evaporator Self-cleaning

After operation, the air conditioner switches into the cleaning mode and removes any moisture accumulated in the indoor unit. This prevents the development of microorganisms and fungi. 


Filter with High Density

Application of an increased density filter improves the efficiency of trapping contaminants, including dust and particulate. It not only protects the unit, but also maintains the air quality.


Indication of Refrigerant Leakage

The error code will be displayed on the control panel of the indoor unit, when the outdoor unit detects the refrigerant leak.


Memory of Louvers Settings

After each shutdown, the air conditioner remembers last settings of the louvers and restores them after the restart.


Mono and Multi Unit

The indoor unit is universal and can be used in single-unit (mono-split) and multiple-unit (multisplit) systems.


Operation at Low Outdoor Temperatures

The air conditioner operates in the cooling mode even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C.



The air conditioner monitors its operation and switches off when a malfunction or failure is detected. The error code is displayed on the control panel of the indoor unit.


Sleep Function

Within two hours, the unit increases (in heating mode – decreases) the set temperature by 1°C per hour, and the fan is running at low speed. This reduces electric energy consumption and provides the best comfort for the user.


Standby Mode

In standby mode, disconnection from unused components reduces power consumption even up to 80%.


Temperature Sensor in Remote Control

The temperature sensor built into the remote control allows measurement of the temperature closer to the user, so that the unit can better adapt to the surrounding area.



The timer enables setting the time of automatic switching on and off the air conditioner.


Valgfri: 3M Filter

Thanks to its unique design, this filter more effectively captures dust and harmful allergic substances that cause respiratory diseases.


Valgfri: Filter with C Vitamin

The filter emits vitamin C into the room. This way the vitamin C is absorbed by the skin. This vitamin improves skin firmness, protects against harmful UV rays and reduces stress.


Valgfri: Filter with Silver Ions

This filter contributes to the elimination of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms thanks to application of active silver ions. It ensures a high standard of air hygiene.